Easter break

We have been really enjoying our two week break at home, the sun has shone most of the time (though we did also have some snow and hail just to keep us on our toes) and it has been lovely spending time together.

We managed a couple of tasty barbecues with Rich perfecting his barbecued corn on the cob and us all enjoying toasting marshmallows over the hot coals.

During the Easter weekend we enjoyed getting out our Easter decorations and making some new ones by painting empty egg shells. For our Easter dinner we had Sam to thank for our very tasty apple crumble 🙂

Emily & Sam hunted the house looking for the cunning clues left by the Easter bunny quiz master (aka Rich)

Much chocolate was found by the pair (thanks Nanny & Grandad for the tasty chocolate bunnies which they both loved).

During the colder weather we did need to wrap up a little warmer…

Just kidding – this is Emily dressed up in 50 different pieces of clothing (including a dinosaur tail) for one of her Brownie Challenges.

I got to join some of the Brownie leaders for a zoom cocktail (after all the Brownies were ready for bed) which was really good fun. We each had a huge selection of bottles which we had to mix up to make lots of different cocktails – this is the before photo, thankfully Rich never took an after photo!

We’ve loved seeing all the spring flowers popping up in some of our favourite places. This is a photo from our recent trip to Hare Hill where we got to spot all sorts of different blooms.

Rich also found some new ways to navigate around the park…

We’ve enjoyed a couple more family board game sessions. This is our newest game Catan Seafarers which you can set up in all sorts of different ways.

Today we also finally managed to cure all the infections and win at Pandemic! It has taken about 4 different sessions before we managed it though!

Now the holiday is over it’s time to start getting our house ready for a bit of building work… first step is to pack up the girl 🙂

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