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Micro food

Rich was given a bizarre and exciting box from a friend who had recently visited Japan… it was a kit to make from powder, water and using a microwave, this teeny tiny burger meal.
The table turned into a bit of a chemistry lab while powders were mixed and water carefully added in the right quantities. Things were microwaved and then cut up to start to become recognisable food.


Giant Rich!

The food was ‘edible’ so we all tried some and it did sort of taste like the real thing… think we will be sticking with McDonald’s for our burgers in future though!


It’s my last day at Kingswood Warren today – I first came down here for interview just over eight years ago. Next week my place of work will be in West London which’ll mean an unhappy commute for a year or so before I escape to Salford.

This morning at Kingswood

We’re almost finished with the packing and then we’ll be going to the pub.

Steve emerges from under his desk

HDResearch and Development

I’ve been playing with my new DSLR camera and wanted to try some HDR photography. The image below is produced from three different images which I combined using a piece of software called Qtpfsgui. I was going for a different look but quite by accident generate this painting-like image which shows the BBC’s R&D department (my current place of work).

Looks like it was drawn

Looks like it was drawn

Cold inside

From the top...

From the top...

Steve was kind enough to organise a trip to Xscape (Milton Keynes) last Friday and I went along to see if I could still ski, a year after my first experiences in La Plagne. We went straight from work and hit a jam on the M25 where Steve had to tolerate me and Chris telling him the current traffic status using our iPhones.

We grabbed a quick bite at Wetherspoons and then went through to get our equipment. You always need to be ready to disclose your weight when you go skiing as they need to set the ski bindings up correctly. After revealing this embarrassing fact and collecting my skis I was ready to tackle the slope.

They had a snow plough too!

They had a snow plough too!

The slope would only rank as part of an easy blue run but it still looked a bit daunting for someone who hadn’t been skiing for a year. The run-off area at the bottom of the slope was quite short and there was no chance of starting on the easy slope as it was in use for lessons. In the end the first run down was fine and I managed to get through the whole evening without falling over. Chris’ first run was a little different – he got right to the bottom of the slope before he spotted one of his beloved safety fences and fell over in his excitement.

We ended up with about 3 hours of skiing taking a brief hot chocolate break in the middle. I was satisfied that I had remembered most of my skiing lessons but still felt like I was getting in the way of everyone else (mostly snowboarders). I’d recommend the experience though, and might have to visit the one in Leeds sometime.

Thanks again the Steve for organising and chauffeuring us to Milton Keynes and back.


Five days on from the creation of the igloo it is still standing but is now significantly smaller. There hasn’t been much in the way of new snow so it’s a tribute to BBC engineering that it has survived. I think today’s rain might be the final nail in the coffin though 🙁