Me and Jessica have been taking a walk at lunch time for the last two days. I am not sure how long we will keep it up but it’s interesting (and slightly sickening) to see all the massive houses in Kingswood. An interesting game is to have a look at the satellite picture and see how many swimming pools you can spot. The place in the middle of the map is where I work.

Me and Chris signed up for a seminar yesterday that will take place on the 12th April before my Taekwondo grading. Whilst they are calling it a seminar it is actually a class taken by the TAGB Chairman: Mr. D Oliver (7th Dan). Apparently he has trained self-defense and offensive skills to the SAS amongst others. There will be 50 people there in total and I have been advised to tense-up if he uses me for a demonstration – apparently he doesn’t pull his punches.

Still not very flexible – last count, I am one inch away from being able to touch my toes without bending my knees.

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