A few of us went to see Phantom of the Opera at her Majesty’s theatre last night. We had fantastic seats on the front row of the grand circle, right in the centre. Some of the stage effects were really impressive, with the highlight being the descent into the Phantom’s lair for the first time. I think you need to be higher than the stalls to get the full effect of the boat ride through the ‘swamp’.

The only bit I didn’t like was the bits of song where there were three people singing at once and I couldn’t follow what was being said. Extra credit for the girl in the monkey costume during the masquerade scene – a lot of impressive ballet type moves.

The only other show I have seen is Chicago… whilst I enjoyed both productions I would recommend Phantom as this was more of a spectacle. I enjoy the songs from Phantom as I remember playing them at high school when I was in the concert band. So which show will I be going to see next? Not sure to be honest, the concert band used to play tunes from Les Miserable so perhaps I will enjoy that one.

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