All new! – my blog is now translated for the street.

Got hold of Onimusha – Dawn of Dreams last night but only had a chance to play an hour of it. It is just as compelling as the other games in the series (3 was a bit wierd though). Not sure why hacking up demons (by continually bashing the square button) is so much fun – oh well! Recommend it to anyone who has played the older versions or if you just like slicing things. Otherwise, wait for Tomb Raider legend, I have played the demo and it plays really well – pity the full game is a bit short…. complete it and trade it.

The reason I only got a quick go on the game was that I had to ice a cake for a competition at work. The job structures are changing and we had to make a cake on a past or future theme related to this. Pictures of the cake will be up soon and I’ll report how we got on (Me and Matt made the cake) when prizes are announced!

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