Random stuff

Mostly random stuff today.

I have created a flickr page as I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. All my personal photos will still be stored at fuzzyfelt.net but I will probably put my weirder ones on flickr. At first I couldn’t understand why people were raving about del.icio.us but now I’m a convert… I am hoping the same will be true of flickr.

As I am still getting rid of the last remnants of man-flu… I was thinking what a good word phlegm is – it sounds exactly like it feels 🙂

Also, I run a site talking about the Alien films but am considering winding it down now. I was sent this link by Dan. If you have seen the special edition version of Aliens you will recognise this old bit of kit as the remote terminal for the sentry guns. I found it interesting anyway… particularly the bit about the military use:

“It was told to me that some of these were made for military use and included a built-in hard drive. A big thick X was pressed into the case over the hard drive. The purpose of this was to show the user where to shoot in case the computer was in danger of falling into enemy hands.”

Finally, have a look at opentopia you could spend hours here! Webcams seem to have got a lot better since I last had a look – they now seem to update every second.

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