Yesterday, me, Jessica and family went to visit a park in Belvedere. Jessica had lots of fun trying to beat her younger sister on a spring/twisty platform, where the object was to hold on for the longest. We had young Myfanwy with us and all the adults took the opportunity to go in the younger section with her. There was a 14+ section that provided the most fun/danger for the adults.

A new style of apparatus that allowed you to climb a post like it were a palm tree provided the most difficult challenge and the most sore hands. Only Thea’s husband Marcus was up to scaling the poll and spinning the flag victoriously at the top (see picture gallery). Anything that could be made into a competition for the men quickly was. Earlier Jessica played on the large see-saw/swing-ball and flattened Marcus (see picture gallery again).

We left the park looking very weary and went back for a cup of tea. I wanted a Cherry Bakewell but was made to feel guilty about denying Thea of one of her cravings…. so I went hungry šŸ™ Next weekend will involve more family excitement as Me and Jessica again venture North to the Motherland.

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