On Sunday we had Matt and Steve over to be fed and play Risk. Me and Jessica prepared a starter and main course and Steve supplied a cheesecake for desert 🙂

We set a 2 hour time limit on our game of Risk and Jessica was the eventual winner when the limit was reached with us all still in the game (I think she had 14 territories). No one would have picked Jessica as the winner – she only had a few battles (whilst shouting “Banish the infidels”) and quietly took over most of Asia. Myself, Steve and Matt had some fairly large scale battles on the other side of the world with my proudest achievement being to hold every territory down the centre of the board – cutting the world in half. Hopefully we can play again soon.

Yesterday was Jessica’s birthday and I made her a meal to celebrate. My attempt to make her mother’s “Chicken Pilau” was OK but needed some more curry powder. I made up for this with the profiterole dessert shown to the right. We managed to eat half of them last night and hope to finish them off after TaeKwonDo this evening. I am sure Jessica will write an entry in her blog as soon as she has the time.

Finally I just wanted to share an image from James’ BBQ, taken on the day that England went out of the 2006 world cup. James doesn’t like the football so this was the viewing experience offered to those who came to his BBQ. In fairness we could have gone inside to watch the match and we did for England’s disappointing exit on penalties. I thought the picture looked pretty funny though – you would have thought BBC employees would be watching in HD!

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