Apollo bar!

Pictured here is the free chocolate bar that I got today from Croydon. When I say I got it, I really mean Jessica got it, as she was much braver than me.

Basically there is a woman named Rachel Blake and she recently e-mailed me a link to a site promoting Apollo bars. You go to the site and there is a passcode which you can utter at a Forbidden Planet store to get your free bar. If this means nothing to you I suggest you try watching Lost or googling Hanso.

We went into the shop and after looking around Jessica said something along the lines of “I’ve been told if I say Rachel Blake to you then you’ll give me a chocolate bar” to the shop assistant. “I certainly will” said the assistant, handing over the bar “there are Lost books over there if you are interested.” We pretended to be interested in the Lost books for a while and then made our escape.

Opening up the bar revealed a dark chocolate slab with a web address on it. The site reached via the address lets you can upload pictures of yourself with the bar. Go to the site and try to find me – you can choose to look at just the people from London to narrow things down.

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