A busy end to this week… on Wednesday me and Jessica went bowling with some of our Taekwondo class and on Friday we went to Thorpe Park with some work colleagues.

About twelve people from our Taekwondo class made the trip to “City Limits” for some ten-pin bowling action. I had already identified this as an opportunity to actually beat the black belts at something and two were there for the challenge. My chances looked uncertain as Terry claimed she had never been bowling before, but Lynda’s first few throws looked dangerously professional. In the end I managed to win the first game and came second in the next one. It looked like I had the second sewn up but Terry came back with about four strikes in a row! Some hustling going on there I think.

Thorpe park was excellent – we had fears that the weather was going to spoil the day but the only rain was whilst we were queuing (undercover) for the front row of Nemesis. Stealth was quite an experience… I am not sure what I thought about it as it was very intense but also over quite quickly. The acceleration was breathtaking and it felt faster than “Rita Queen of Speed” did last year at Alton Towers. I got a bit wet on the Ribena Rhumba Rapids so decided to sit out the log flume. Only Steve was daft enough to go on the “Tidal Wave” and we stood on the bridge spanning the track to watch. Steve’s boat caused a larger than normal splash and managed to soak half the bridge and the only person occupying that half – Jessica 🙁

I have added some pictures of both events to the picture library.

On a completely unrelated note:

Jessica spotted this young fox on the steps of our flat this morning. The rain was coming down and I think it just wanted some shelter… it looked quite relaxed and didn’t seem to care that it was in plain view of everyone.

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