Day 5:

I was still feeling weak when we woke up so we had a rest in the hotel room and then a quick trip to the supermarket. The supermarket had such a wide range of products in a fairly small place – I would love to try living in America for a month so that I could try everything out (instead of eating out every night as we did). After eating a bit of food we waited for it to get dark so that we could go out to Central Park.

On the way to the park we had a look at the Apple store, which is very impressive but I had no desire to buy any Apple products. Crossing the road we tried to decide which horse and carriage was the best so that we could request a ride in it. We chose one with a roof which made the ride much more comfortable as we were partially sheltered from any cold wind.

Anyway, it was in the carriage that I proposed to Jessica (and she said yes). I had been considering whether it would be possible to get down on one knee within the carriage for a few days. I’m glad to say that there was plenty of space and I didn’t feel like I was going to fall out of the side. I was pretty sure Jessica would say yes and had been planning the event in my head since August time… I was amazed at how nervous I was in the end.

I am really glad that I recovered from my illness in time to go out for the carriage ride. I had terrible visions of a two days sickness that would stop me proposing on our two year anniversary.

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