An animal filled post today! Firstly I wanted to show you a snap I took of a fox lounging in the Sunday afternoon sun. The mattress it is sat on has been dumped in the waste ground behind our flat but this fox was obviously grateful – it has been resting there for the last two hours or so. Unfortunately I disturbed the fox when I took the photo but it was back on the mattress about 5 minutes later.

Secondly, a picture and a video of Fidget. We clean her cage every Saturday and on our shopping trip we bought a treat for her. The treat was a ring composed of seeds, honey and various over bits. We thought it would last for a few days and we tied it to the top of the cage to make things a bit more of a challenge. Fidget had different ideas and demolished the treat in about two and a half hours. She was intent on breaking the ring down into chunks that could be stored in her house. After an hour or so I began to fear for her heart and blocked the tube which led to the treat. She seemed unimpressed with this and was desperate to unblock the tube. I gave up and reinstated treat access, happy that she had at least paused for a few minutes and had a drink.

Video: Hamster’s treat

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