Taekwondo grading and Self defence

Last night I went to Jessica’s Taekwondo grading. I am very confident that she has passed so she should be getting her new blue belt next week 🙂

Before the grading there was a one hour self defence seminar given by Mr Oliver the Chairman of the TAGB. This was similar to the seminar I attended a year or so back and I found it easier to learn the moves second time around. For each scenario we went through one of our set sparring exercises but changed the final move to something more damaging and non-regulation. Most of the routines involves groin and head shots with the occasional throw.

Thankfully I was only used as a demonstration once (last time I got called up a lot) and he managed to hold back on the groin kick so I only felt a dull pain. I am hoping to use and adapt some of the moves for my one-step sparring which is a requirement for my next grading.

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