Buon Giorno

Hi, we are now back from our honeymoon in Rome. We had an excellent time and there are loads of photos so we’ll add some to the photo section soon. I’ll do a separate post on the holiday when I get a chance.

Whilst the wedding day may be over there are still loads of admin tasks and bits to tidy up. Thanks to everyone who made their way to Kingswood to celebrate the day with us – we’d really like to get an original copy of any image/video files you acquired on the day. The intention is to select the best to share with everyone, both on the site and in print (probably using photobox). You can burn them onto a CD/DVD and mail them or catch me when I walk by with a USB memory stick.

I was really pleased with how the day turned out, the reception went well and the ceremony exceeded all my expectations by having a really fantastic atmosphere. I again extend my thanks to everyone who helped us both before and after the event… we couldn’t have done it without you.

So what’s next for me and Jessica? A rest I think! Then we’ll have to find a house :-/

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