Hi, as some of you probably know I haven’t been out of the house much lately due to what has now been diagnosed as Gastroenteritis. Thankfully this seems to be fading away now and I should be back to my old self soon. This is good timing as I have just about had my fill of daytime TV and the stock of programmes on the DVR has diminished considerably over the last week.

Anyway, this is mostly a picture post – me and Jessica went for a walk in the shortly lived snow on Sunday:

Unfortunately Lewis Hamilton didn’t do too well in the race, despite me wearing the hat in support.

Expanding her repertoire of impressions… Jessica attempts a snowman.

And finally, a shot of fidget. Everyone comments on how well behaved and cute she is when they see her. This is the view we see when we put a DVD on, shortly followed by her gnawing the bars in an attempt to draw our attention.

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