Second scan

Today Jessica went for her second scan and we got to see Bump on TV again. Lately we’ve been aware of Bump’s presence thanks to the occasional tremor of Jessica’s tummy in response to Bump testing her limbs. We also know the sex of Bump now but there are some people that don’t want to know the sex yet so I’ll continue to use both he and her in my blog posts.

Bump was facing downwards during the scan so we haven’t got the classic scan photo of bump but you can still see some detail. Comparing the three month scan to today’s pictures is amazing – we can now see a defined spine and during the scan we could see all four chambers of the heart pumping away at around 160bpm. All the measurements came back normal so everything seems fine for Bump and the due date remains the same.

Now our house move is complete I’ll hopefully have some time to post a bit more on the blog. For those of who doubted the Fidget wheel counter would ever be complete… the picture on the left shows the latest progress. I’ve managed to hook up an LCD screen and now need to display some text on it – not sure what I’ll do to get it the right way up though!

I’ll keep the blog updated with progress 🙂

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