New look – new start

img_1572During the past year I’ve let my blog get all dusty and unloved, life has been hectic and sorting out the blog was one of the things that fell off my to-do list. Hopefully all that will now be changing as my life now should give me enough time to do a little blogging – however I may not have too much worth posting about as for the moment my social life is a little limited. Rich has set me up with this new shiny WordPress blog which should hopefully be a lot easier to update (once a few bugs have been ironed out) than my old blog was where I hand coded every post.

Why is my social life limited at the moment? Because I have a beautiful baby boy to look after! Baby Sam is a fantastically cute and super intelligent little boy (I may be a tiny bit biased here… but only a tiny bit) who is now about 2 months old. The birth was not much fun (I won’t get into the detail here – but if you are curious check out my husband’s account of it on his blog) thankfully Sam was healthy and we are now both doing really well. This blog may well become a bit of a record of Sam’s early life as right now that is all I have to talk about really – but hopefully there will be other news to report as well.

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