Merry Christmas

Just wait until he gets teeth!

Just wait until he gets teeth!

Hi everyone, I want to wish you a Happy Christmas and say thanks to everyone who has sent the family a present or card this year.

We spent our Christmas at Jessica’s parents along with her brother and sisters. Thank you to Jessica’s parents for feeding and housing us for a couple of nights – it was good to be spared the trouble of making the big meal. Me and Jessica were pretty pleased with ourselves as we think we managed Samuel’s first nights outside of the house well and didn’t panic too much 🙂

Samuel chose Christmas day to try out some new things, like rolling over and sucking his hand. He has yet to get the hang of the rolling over business (it is a bit early in his life) but he managed to get half-way and spill the water that I was using to clean him. You can see a video of Sam by clicking the link below.

Samuel’s first Christmas

I wish everyone a happy new year and hope to catch up with those I’ve missed as soon as possible.

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