Snowy days

Snowy RichYesterday you may have noticed a little snow out your window… well we got some at Tea Towers too! Because of there being no trains, trams or buses Rich had both today and yesterday off from work and so got to be snowed in with Sam and me. The snow is the deepest that I have seen it for at least 15 years and it is still covering everything in sight turning our road and garden into a much prettier world.

Sam seems to have had a bit of a cold so we thought it best to keep him tucked up in the warmth of the house and he is now (after a lot more sleep than usual) starting to feel better and more chirpy. So I’ve not been out much either, instead I’ve been sending Rich off to gather supplies (all the local shops seem to be selling out of the essentials here). Sadly Rich will probably be back to work tomorrow so Sam and I will have to fend for ourselves again, it’s been great to have him home though and Sam has certainly enjoyed his death-defying flying rides…Flying Sam

Rich has also been busy in the kitchen making a batch of delicious millionaire’s shortbread. Unfortunately this batch will have to be consumed by only Rich and myself as the caramel in the middle didn’t set quite right and so gets all over your hands, face, clothes, small baby when you try to eat a piece. Ah well – we’ll just have solider through the batch by ourselves 🙂

We’ve had a bit of a Fidget related scare this weekend. On Sunday we Millionaire's shortbreadnoticed that Fidget was having real trouble walking , she seemed to somehow have twisted herself and she was holding her head sideways. She seemed only able to walk in circles and fell over a great deal. Thankfully she seems to be on the mend and has improved much over these two days, she is still pretty unsteady but otherwise seems quite happy and wanting to be out and about. Fidget is now 2 years old and I’m going to have to start getting myself ready for when she is no longer with us, but until then I’m determined to enjoy her company as much as possible.

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