Adventures in Northland

Travelling SamWe’ve managed to make it back okay from deepest darkest Northland after having a lovely time with Rich’s family. My worries about taking Sam on such a long (and fiddly journey – 1 tram and 3 trains) trip were thankfully not realised as Sam was well behaved all the way there and all the way back again.

Sam seemed to really enjoy all the attention that he got, whenever he was awake there were at least two people around to entertain and amuse him, and most of the time you couldn’t see Sam for all the adults crowded around him cooing. His grandparents especially couldn’t resist his winning smile and would be more than happy to pick him up for a quick cuddle. Sam also got to meet his two great grandmas for the first time and both of them seemed so very happy to hold him and say hi. As well as this Sam got the chance to be admired by a few of Rich’s aunts and uncles and his dad’s cousins Drew and Ella (who would be his cousins once removed I think).

Rich and I also managed to get our first meal out together since Sam was born and really enjoyed going out to a fantastic Thai restaurant nearby while Sam stayed behind being looked after by his grandparents and aunt Cara. So after 5 days of being well cared for with tasty meals, lots of cups of tea and plenty of eager Sam helpers Rich and I both felt very rested and refreshed.

Thanks so much for looking after us Rich’s mum & dad and thanks again Cara for letting us take over your bedroom again.

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