Mothers Day

Sam and his mum

Sam and his mum

It’s been a little quiet on here the last few weeks as me and Jessica have been suffering with an upset stomach. We’re feeling 90% better now and hope that we’ll continue to improve whilst I’m off work this week.

Sunday was Jessica’s first Mother’s Day as a mother and me and Sam did our best to help her enjoy it. Sam managed to get three different presents for Jessica which she greatly enjoyed, and I made her a special chicken dish. We had a walk in the nice afternoon weather and I took the picture on the right. Samuel finally fits the hat that Daniel bought him and he looks very cute. Having seen how much fun Jessica had I am now looking forward to Father’s day!

As I mentioned, I have a week off work so I’ll be getting on with all the things I meant to do in the last few months – garden, dripping tap etc. Obviously I’ll get a lot more time with Sam and I’m hoping that he’ll do something new as he usually progresses well when we’re both around.

Below is a new video of Sam in his baby bouncer thing. He has been a bit cautious around it but (for one night only) he suddenly got the hang of it.

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