Park life

The FeltonsAhh – there’s nothing like a nice lazy Sunday to recharge your batteries for the week ahead. After a morning of shopping and a little house work we decided to have a quick walk in the nearby park. Rich took Sam in the baby carrier and for what is possibly the first time Sam seemed to enjoy it. We put Sam in facing outwards so that he could see what was around him and he seemed to enjoy having a good look everywhere.

To give Rich a break from carrying his increasingly heavy son (who is now over a whole stone in weight!) we stopped to have a rest on the grass and managed to take this great photo. Rich and Sam also had a go on one of the swings in the kids playground – but Sam seemed not to care too much about it.


Oh – and I also managed to finally finish Sam’s cot bed blanket that I’ve been working on for about 4 months. I’m particularly taken with it and just love how well it turned out, especially how well all the colours seem to go together. I’m a little late getting in done though so it will have to go away until next winter when Sam can have it on his bed.

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