Meeting Great Grandad

img_0618Since Sam was born we’ve been trying to find the right time to travel south and introduce him to his Great Grandfather, but for one reason or another we hadn’t been able to until today. Luckily for us the trip down to Portsmouth by train really is quite simple, just one train from East Croydon station will take us all the way there though it does take us a couple of hours to make the journey.

Sam is doing a little better at eating his solid food which is a good thing as I had to give him some yogurt on the train to keep him going until we arrived at my Grandfather’s home. Impressively Sam managed to eat it all with only a little mess which is probably more than I could do on a moving train.

We had a lovely time catching up with my Grandad and also got to eat a very tasty pub lunch during which Sam was much admired by a number of people 🙂 Sam liked his Great Grandad very much and was a very well behaved little man – thanks for having us Grandad!

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