Samuel developments



Samuel is growing fast and I just wanted to boast about a few of the latest developments. He is now much better at sitting unaided, but we still have to keep a careful eye on him as he occasionally topples over. Sitting periods can now be measured in minutes instead of the ten seconds he used to manage.

Vocally he is now able to string together ga, goo, and da to make some convincing sentences. Occasionally I hear da-da but we are still waiting for the magic day when he actually means to say it. When he gets really excited we still have to suffer ear-splitting high pitched squeals and I sometimes worry that the neighbours will mistake this for something else and call social services.

Finally we have the teeth… we’ve waited a long time but we had noticed that the amount of chewing had increased dramatically over the weekend, and today we found his teeth are like busses – you wait for ages and then two come along at once. The teeth are only just poking through the lower gum but Samuel demonstrated how effective they were by biting Jessica on the nose. I’ve got load of videos and photos that I need to upload – hopefully I’ll get some time soon.

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