Nonsuch park revisited

Sam in the parkSam and I decided that it was high time to visit Cheam again and have another look around the lovely Nonsuch park. After much dashing to get there on time (I ended up walking quite some way to pick up the tram as this week it wasn’t running on our part of the line) we turned up early but luckily Cheam station has a great little waiting area (nice sofas and even a selection of books from the local library that you are welcome to borrow!).

Once Joh turned up with baby Eleanor we all head off back to her house for some lunch and a chat before heading out to Nonsuch park. I ended up being very thankful for the hearty chicken and stuffing sandwiches that Joh made as she hiked across the park with little Eleanor strapped to her front and me huffing along behind trying to keep up.

We sat for a while admiring some of the flower beds while I gave Sam his 3pm bottle and then before we knew it I had to head back to the station to catch the train home. Thanks for having us Joh and hopefully we’ll be round to visit again soon!

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