New shipment of minions

Bath time funWe’ve all been very happy to have a couple of visitors from Northland this weekend. Sam’s grandma and grandad both came down late on Friday evening and spent Saturday and Sunday with us in Tea Towers.

We had a quiet day on Saturday with a lovely barbecue in the evening which Cara and Nick also came round for. Sam’s grandad discovered that tapping our fence also causes Sam to giggle and much fun was had by Sam as we all had a go at giving the fence a good tapping (I wonder what the neighbours thought of our strange behaviour?). Sam was also treated to a bath in the evening with the help of two willing wannabe minions who seemed to enjoy it just as much as Sam did.

On Sunday we all headed off to Kesley park for a picnic lunch (courtesy of M&S) followed by a trip to the play park and a wander round the lovely grounds. Sam’s grandad had to go and catch a train back up to Northland in the afternoon (bye Rich’s dad – thanks so much for visiting!) but we kept hold of Sam’s grandma as we think she may be useful for a few more days.

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