Samuel with Graffe

We no longer say the PB word (whisper *pooh bear*) here at Tea Towers as we’ve had to separate Sam from his favourite night time companion recently. Sam has had little PB since he was only a few months old but as he is annoyingly only “surface washable” we’ve not been able to keep him as clean as we would like.

So last week I sent Rich out with Sam to see if they could find a suitable washable alternative and Sam came home clutching his new friend Giraffe (or Graffe if you want Sam’s version). Giraffe was an instant hit in the shop, Sam carried him all the way home and hasn’t really been separated from him since. Giraffe also ‘talks’, Sam will hold him up to you and say in a low growily voice something like “hello mummy” which always makes me smile 🙂

So now the problem is going to be getting hold of Giraffe for long enough to give him a spin in the washing machine…

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