Birthday fun

Watching guinea pigs

Due to the Grand Prix being on my Birthday weekend again, Rich ended up being away for most of it so we decided to celebrate it together on the Monday instead. I really wanted to do a family trip out somewhere so after a quick online session to find out what sort of amusements were available locally we agreed on a little place called Ponderosa.

Little jockey Sam

This place is full of animals – they seem to have a little bit of everything from some rabbits and guinea pigs that you can pet to a little aquarium, some reptiles and insects, farm animals and most popularly with Sam some ponys that will give toddlers rides.

Sam still doesn’t seem to be overly keen on looking at large animals, though he did really enjoy watching the bunnies hopping about between enclosures. He was a little startled by the llamas and not very impressed by the reindeers (they have clicky knees – did anyone else know this?) Luckily there were also a few play areas with slides and swings which he did really like, oh – and a pond with ducks on that he spent a good amount of time shouting ‘Fabo!’ at.

We all had a lovely day out and as I also got so many wonderful presents it ended up being a really nice extended Birthday. Thanks to all of you for your lovely Birthday wishes and thanks also for all my beautiful cards and fantastic presents 🙂


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