Sam’s photo tour

Sorry for the lack of posting recently – life has been surprisingly busy without anything much to report about. Because the house is pretty much looking how we want it now I thought it high time I took you on a tour of it… however Sam got hold of the camera so this has now become a tour from Sam’s perspective.

What a nice shiny floor we have here in the hallway

This is what our stairs look like, they are good for bumping down on your bottom

This is where mummy & daddy store their things - I also sit next to this when I'm playing hide and seek

This is our table and our computer - I'm not supposed to play with this

This is a close up of our fireplace - isn't it pretty

Guess what this is...

Yup - it's my lovely new kitchen!

Hi mummy - where are we now?

Ooooh - lot's of pots & pans

Ahh - it's the Kitchen, did I surprise you daddy?

Last room - the lounge

Sam hopes you enjoyed his tour!


Now I’m off to recharge the camera battery, perhaps when it has some more power I’ll let Sam take you on another tour upstairs 🙂


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