Kiddie progress

Sam 'writes' his name

Somehow another 3 months have dashed past and though there has been tons of news and photos to share I’ve just not had a spare moment to sit down and let you all know about them. Well – Rich has reminded me about my much neglected blog here so I am going to do a quick post now 🙂

This photo of Sam was taken on Friday (18th) and I think is the first time Sam has ‘written’ his name by himself. Yes I know they are just foam letters but Sam went and got them without help and then arranged them by himself so I think it counts 🙂 So I am one very excited Jess and I am now trying to get him to learn how to spell mum…

Sam is getting tall – he is still slim as anything and all his trousers need help staying up, but he is definitely getting taller and looking more like ‘big’ boy. His current loves include his new scooter that he scoots away on pretty quick now as well as a rather annoying program on Cbeebies called “Tree Fu Tom”. Pre school is still going well and Sam loves being there, which is great because in September he is going to be starting ‘proper’ nursery at the local primary school and hopefully his time in pre school makes this an easy transition for him. At least he is only going in to nursery for afternoons as I would miss him too much if he was starting full time – he may drive me crazy sometimes with the constant chatter but he is lovely 🙂

Emily - looking bigger each day

Emily is also getting big – much too fast, I can’t believe that she is almost 8 months old already. Emily’s current loves include her daddy (her head always swings round whenever she hears his voice and then she will keep him in sight until he rewards her with some sort of daftness), blowing raspberries and her polar bear teddy that sleeps in her cot with her and has usually moved closer to her when we go and check on her in the night.

I’m not sure how heavy Emily currently is as I’ve missed her regular weigh in slot a couple of times recently – she is still wearing size 3-6 month clothing though they are fast becoming a little tight. Emily is also having three meals a day with us – she enjoys a mix of baby mush as well as a selection of finger food (you should see her munch her way through a breadstick – very impressive!) and makes a terrible mess while she does it.

Rich’s news – Rich has a new bicycle that he has been riding too and from work on, so will be super-fit in no time 🙂

Jessica’s news – Jess is finally doing driving lessons! I’m 3 lessons in and I’m getting more confident all the time!

Hope all is well with my lovely family & friends – so sorry for being a terrible blogger, I’ll try harder I promise!


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