Hooray for Summer time!


The summer finally seems to have arrived here at Tea Towers, Sam has finished at his lovely preschool and is now home with me until he starts at his new nursery in September. So in an effort to stay sane while he is home I’ve been trying to have somewhere to visit or have guests come round here every day.

We’ve been out to meet up with friends quite a lot which has been really lovely. While out in Altrincham one morning to have drinks and a chat with some of our friends we noticed a face painting stall being set up… it turned out they were doing free face painting to celebrate the start of the Olympics so Sam became their first customer. He asked to be painted like a lion but I have a feeling he really meant to be a tiger as he was wondering where his stripes were. However he was very happy with his new look and spent the next half hour roaring very loudly at any unsuspecting passersby.

The weather has also been nice enough to dust off our paddling pool and have it out in the garden. Sam has been beside himself with excitement at the thought of having a whole paddling pool of water to jump about in. When he sees it being filled up he dashes about the house to find suitable waterproof toys to throw into it.

Emily also likes having a good splash in the paddling pool. After she had gotten over the initial shock of being put into cold water instead of her usual warm bath she had a great time splashing and chewing on any toys that floated within her reach. So with all this outside water play our lovely garden has had plenty of water to keep it going over these unusually warm and sunny days, that and Sam being a very keen waterer… he will quite happily wander about the garden with a watering can – however he is a bit haphazard in his methods so some plants get left while others look slightly drowned from all the attention.

Sam seems to be going through a development spurt at the moment – each day he seems to surprise me with being able to do something new. I’ve only just realised that he can do colouring in  – mostly when he gets hold of a crayon he spends 2 minutes having a quick scribble and then he wants to do something else… so imagine my surprise when he sat down with a print out of his favourite Cbeebies character and spent half an hour carefully colouring it all in neatly and within the lines.

He also seems to be quite good at helping me with a few household bits and bobs. He was very excited when I said he could help me make jam tarts today and was so happy carefully spooning jam into each of the prepared pastry circles. They’ve since come out of the oven and we’ll be sharing them after our tea tonight – yum!

Hope you are all doing well and having a lovely summer too 🙂


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