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Hansel and a messy Gretel

Hansel and a messy Gretel

Since Sam started at school it seems like there have been quite a few ‘dressing up’ days where he has needed costumes for some event or other. One week it was a ‘cosy day’ where they had to wear pyjamas/dressing gowns (Sam was excited that he also got to take in his blue crochet blanket too).
But some have been a little trickier… like having to find a fairy tale outfit for a boy. So instead of dressing him like a knight like the rest of the boys in his class I thought he could be Hansel. Thankfully I was able to borrow some lederhosen from another mum and all I had to make was a suitable hat…
Hansel's hat
Then we had World book day and Sam’s class had to dress up as characters from Julia Donaldson books. Sam decided that he wanted to be the ladybird from “What the Ladybird heard” and this time I had him helping to make his costume which consisted of cardboard wings (painted by Sam and then decorated with spots and much glitter then applied) and a ladybird mask we had in our dressing up box.
Ladybird Sam
Now on to making up a Easter bonnet for the school parade…

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