Sporty days

Some how we are already in Summer and school sports day has come around. Both Sam and Emily have had a chance to run some fun races.


Emily had her sports day with her Preschool on a lovely day sunny day in June at the local park. To start with she was not keen on joining in the racing and this photo is from the obstacle course which is the only one she would do before refusing to do any more.


However once it was suggested that she could run the races with her good friend Zoe all was well again and the two girls joined hands for the rest of the event.


Sam’s school sports day was this morning and it was great fun. He was part of the ‘Tigers’ team which was a mix of children from year 1&2.


We discovered that hockey probably won’t be his sport (this is his teacher giving him a much needed hand) or anything involving balance or pushups. However he did get a goal in the penalty shot out and also scored very highly in the bean bag toss.

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