New family at Tea Towers

After much planning and preparation we finally made the trip out to the pet shop to buy ourselves some guinea pigs. We have been thinking about getting some for over a year and decided that this summer was the time to do it.


First up meet little ‘Squeak’. Emily chose this guinea pig and is very excited about her. Squeak seems quite shy at the moment but very calm.


Here is Sam with ‘Sweetpea’. She can run very quickly and has a good jump. Sam is delighted with her and can’t wait for her to settle in so he can look after her and hold her.

Happy Rich with Tiger

Lastly we bought ‘Tiger’ – Rich fell in love with this little lady while we were in the pet shop so after settling in our first two I headed back out to buy her. She seems to be the boldest of the three and is the first out exploring the hutch.

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