World book day

Sam and Emily have been super excited about World book day this year, over the past week I’ve been putting together their costumes and they couldn’t wait to put them on this morning.

Sam and I have recently started reading the first Harry Potter book together which he is loving and so it was unsurprising that he wanted to dress as Harry. His costume was quite easy to put together with the help of the lovely internet…

Felt tie –

School robes –

Gryffindor badge –

Wizard’s wand –

Now Emily had other ideas when it came to how to choose her World book day costume… she decided to choose the outfit she liked best and say that the book containing that character was her favourite. So she asked to be Lettice the rabbit from the well known title “Lettice – the Birthday party”.

Unfortunately no online help avaliable for this one so I had to come up with a sparkly petal skirt, sequined top (though first attempt to simply glue glitter to the first top using watered down white glue ended up with a unbendable top that would no longer stretch over Emily’s head…), tiara attached to bunny ears and then a pom pom tail at the back.

She loved it and has been in character all evening 🙂

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