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Cold inside

From the top...

From the top...

Steve was kind enough to organise a trip to Xscape (Milton Keynes) last Friday and I went along to see if I could still ski, a year after my first experiences in La Plagne. We went straight from work and hit a jam on the M25 where Steve had to tolerate me and Chris telling him the current traffic status using our iPhones.

We grabbed a quick bite at Wetherspoons and then went through to get our equipment. You always need to be ready to disclose your weight when you go skiing as they need to set the ski bindings up correctly. After revealing this embarrassing fact and collecting my skis I was ready to tackle the slope.

They had a snow plough too!

They had a snow plough too!

The slope would only rank as part of an easy blue run but it still looked a bit daunting for someone who hadn’t been skiing for a year. The run-off area at the bottom of the slope was quite short and there was no chance of starting on the easy slope as it was in use for lessons. In the end the first run down was fine and I managed to get through the whole evening without falling over. Chris’ first run was a little different – he got right to the bottom of the slope before he spotted one of his beloved safety fences and fell over in his excitement.

We ended up with about 3 hours of skiing taking a brief hot chocolate break in the middle. I was satisfied that I had remembered most of my skiing lessons but still felt like I was getting in the way of everyone else (mostly snowboarders). I’d recommend the experience though, and might have to visit the one in Leeds sometime.

Thanks again the Steve for organising and chauffeuring us to Milton Keynes and back.

Dog film sequel

After a month of production we were finally able to hold a screening for the skiing film. Twelve of use went out for a meal at the restaurant formerly known as Malay House and then walked over to the flat for the first viewing of the DVD. Unfortunately the restaurant has had a change of name, menu and staff and isn’t half as good as it used to be 🙁

Anyway, I forgot to take a picture of everyone watching the film so I have taken one of the DVD Easter eggs and youTubed it. You may remember Steve’s dog film from a post last year…. here is the sequel.


Me and Jessica have spent the last week or so at 1800m above sea level in France, as we were lucky enough to be invited on a skiing holiday with friends from work. We went to the resort of La Plagne and stayed in one of the SkiBeat chalets there. The chalet was lovely with great meals cooked every night by our chalet hosts. Generally we were too tired after a hard days skiing to do anything but sleep after we had been fed. Perhaps the lack of late nights was one of the factors that led to none of the eleven people in the group seriously injuring themselves.

The views from the chalet and piste were fantastic and I’ll put some photos in the gallery soon in case you don’t believe me. We could see Mont Blanc across the valley and I was amazed by the size of the resort which butted up against other resorts on most sides. Thankfully the altitude didn’t affect us in any noticeable way and we got used to the occasional ‘ear-pop’ on some of the long chair lifts.

The chair lifts were interesting…. on day one our instructor took us on without skis but on subsequent days we were able to do things properly. Our first attempt saw those on the lift fall over each other as they left the chair but we gradually got better at it. The worst lift experience I had was when one of my skiis decided to stay at the bottom of the lift and was carried up by the next passenger – skiing off the chair on one ski was challenging.

Our ski instructor (Valerie) took us through the basics and on day two we were going down red runs! Actually we were never supposed to go beyond blue runs but the thought of getting the bus back down the hill led to me, Jessica and Duncan sliding down a red run after our second day of lessons. After three days we were able to tackle most of the blue runs and our confidence improved until we could do them all.

It was amazing how everyone went from being unstable and falling to successfully navigating blue runs in just three days. I really enjoyed myself and I’d like to extend a big thank you to Chris for organising the trip.

I took the video below on my third day – it is on a green run which explains the lack of speed.

Video: Green run at La Plagne