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Cake & Birthdays

After a lovely Summer break at home we’ve been busy getting back to school and celebrating two exciting Birthdays.

Sam started at his new high school in September and has really been enjoying getting himself there and back and being more independent. He is also happy to be with a good few local friends and has lots of nice teachers as well. Emily is up to year 4 now and has settled back in fine after the long lock down break. She is very happy to be back with her friends who she really missed and seems to be really enjoying her time in class.

Early on in the term we went off to explore the Yorkshire sculpture park and had a great time there. This was obviously my favourite sculpture… made me feel a little thirst though.

Richard quite enjoyed these ones and couldn’t resist framing his face.

For Emily’s Birthday we went to a local bowling alley which we had completely to ourselves for most of the time. It was good to be out but strange to be there by ourselves and having to wear our masks.

Emily wanted a Kirby Birthday cake so this is what Rich and I managed to come up with.

For Sam’s Birthday trip we headed out to the Dino Golf and had a great time together there (thankfully not getting too wet!).

I managed to convince Sam that this chocolate box type cake would be better than the very tricky hat space ship that he wanted doing from the game Mario Odyssey… it turned out very tasty 🙂

Last quick photo – Emily with the Autumn bouquet that she gathered for her daddy.

Happy Birthday Jessica!

It was Jessica’s birthday yesterday so I decided to bake her something. Unfortunately we didn’t have the cake tins required to do a large cake so I decided to make lots of little fairy cakes. You can see them (along with my attempts at icing) in the picture.

In the absence of any proper piping equipment for the icing I had to improvise with a freezer bag which I cut the corner off. Some of the letters are a little wonky and I accidentally created “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSIDA” so had to hastily modify the second D to make a C.

After work we went out to see “Hancock” at the cinema and then had a meal at Mae Ping in South Croydon. I think Jessica enjoyed her day even though she had to work.

Happy birthday to me!

Thanks to everyone who has wished my a happy birthday today… I had a good day despite having to go to work. A few members of the team in which I work at the BBC were lucky enough to be recognised at today’s innovation forum and I got the hefty chunk of glass pictured left (it’s one of those clever laser bubbled things).

Me and Jessica have just returned from a lovely Thai meal at Mae Ping. I had the “Crying Tiger” which was steak with an exotic sauce! The special sauce made you go oooh and then aaaagh as the chillis hit. Jessica tried a piece and had exactly the same reaction so I was reassured that I had not found the only chilli bit on the plate. A nice chocolate cake to finish of the day now… 🙂

Loads of stuff has been happening this week – so I haven’t been blogging and now require a massive post to cover it all!

It was my birthday this week so me and Jessica took the day off work to do something different. We visited the “Game On” exhibition at the science museum in London before going out for a Thai meal. The exhibition was good fun and me and Jessica competed on a wide range of games from the past few decades. I thought there would be a little more emphasis on game history or design but most of the space was taken up with arcade cabinets or home console systems. I enjoyed the retro games (in their arcade cabinets) with titles such as Donkey Kong and Asteroids featured.

For my birthday Jessica bought me a game called “Gitaroo Man” amongst other things. The aim is to defeat opponents using your Gitaroo which is a guitar type weapon that fires lightning. Currently I am stuck fighting “Mojo King Bee” but I will get him soon I know it! Thanks to everyone for the presents and cards.

The day after my birthday, I went home to see my sister graduate. Congratulations to her on getting her degree.

The annual Children in Need fireworks at work looked like they were going to be a wash-out but the rain let up at the last minute and we were able to enjoy them without getting rain in our eyes. The countdown to the start of the display was conducted by ex-big brother contestant Eugene Sully (a past employee from my work place). Later in the night I talked to him at some length about his extensive home networking plans. If you want to find out what Eugene is doing at the moment you can look here.

Finally, last night we went to see the new Bond film (thanks to Chris for organising). It is the first time I have been to the Leicester Square Odeon and the auditorium was huge. I enjoyed the film but agree that the pace was starting to lag from the middle onwards. The building site chase near the start is fantastic and it is nice to see that Bond is not indestructible. Hopefully everyone else will enjoy the film and they will start work on the next one soon.