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Settling in

Our new sign

We’re now getting fairly well settled in our new home. There’s still plenty to do but we’ve got all the essentials in place so anyone who wants to visit us is more than welcome. Unfortunately, we can’t offer a place to stay unless your comfortable with the concept of a lilo-style airbed.

If you want our new address or land-line number, let us know on e-mail or mobile and we’ll give it to you. The picture on the right is the new name sign that Jessica has made which is hanging in our porch. The area is very nice and pretty quiet but we’re starting to feel like we’re the only family who doesn’t have a car on their drive. I think I’ll eventually have to buy one as it seems to be an essential part of life up here. The Manchester tram system is poor when compared to the Croydon one we used to know, but it’s just about managing to get me to work.

Hope you can visit soon.

Moving house

Not been whole lot to blog about lately as me and Jessica have been preparing to move house. Yesterday we went around to have a look and plan which bits of furniture we needed to buy.

We’re both excited about the new place but not looking forward to the task of moving all our stuff there 🙁 We’ll let everyone know the new address in due course and expect to have a house warming / park trip like we did two years ago (when we moved into our current flat).

Fingers crossed, our home phone number should stay the same so you’ll still be able to reach us. We both look forward to welcoming our first visitors and to settling into a new routine… already the garden looks like it needs weeding and the lawn needs a little TLC. We’ve been to Ikea today and decided on our new dining room table – why is it impossible to visit Ikea without getting a headache? We did quite well today though, only spent £14.