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New feature – Jessica film ratings

Does anyone know of a website where I can get information on how scary/graphic a film is without ruining the plot? Last week I watched “Cloverfield” with Jessica and although I thought the film was excellent, she was expecting to have nightmares after it. This time I have got “I am legend” which stars Will Smith therefore, Jessica thinks it will be fine… however a quick search of the BBFC website says it contains strong violence so perhaps it won’t be.

The BBFC pages are interesting but you can only get the full picture if you read the extended classification information which contains spoilers.

Cloverfield @ BBFC

I am legend @ BBFC

For now I’ll continue to provide the Jessica rating on this site – which means she may be traumatised a few times more.

Cloverfield – Not suitable for Jessicas of any age. Features bloody bits, high scariness factor and eakish moments. If forced to watch, suggest cushion and ear plugs be used.