I put my old mobile phone on Ebay on Sunday and was surprised when it sold within a couple of hours thanks to their “buy-it-now” option. The buyer contacted me asking me to despatch the item to Nigeria and how much would it cost (despite me only shipping to the uk) – I told them £12 and got his response:

Dear Mr R Felton ,
Thanks for using Nochex®,well this is the right Nochex®,your money is £132,for ebay item#91086***** money is paid in by Tina Cole has been Approved. Due to the fact that most sellers don’t send the item despite the fact that buyers have paid for the item,so we made the policy that sellers must ship out items withing 24 hours of payment and send us the tracking number for verification.
You are not expected in any circumstances to send the tracking number to the buyer.Below is the address where the postal order will be sent to.if the address is not correct please mail us back.

There is more but it quickly gets boring. How stupid do they think I am…. Please send the item because we can write an email (with very bad English) – losers. The most annoying thing is that some people fall for it. Use Paypal or ensure the funds are CLEARED in your bank. This is going to annoy me for a while now 🙁

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