Persistent people these scammers. Even though Ebay has deleted their account they still insist on following up their previous ‘nochex’ email with.

Dear Seller,
We would like to inform you that the buyer of your eBay item has made payment and we would want you to provide us with the shippment tracking number and as soon as we receive it and it is valid,your payment would be sent to the name and address you have provided to the buyer and we would also like you to know that your payment is safe and secure and it is here with us and we would want you to verify the address where the postal order would be sent to,if it is correct then you have nothing to be worried about,and you are not under any circumstances to release the tracking number to the buyer,get back to us asap.
Thank you

So I have sent them this reply:

The tracking number is : biteme


Childish I know – they are probably too busy swimming in cash to bother getting annoyed with my minor e-mail.

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