Happy Easter!

I have been catching up with friends this long weekend, visiting Jessica’s sister on Friday and out in London with Zig and Liz today. Me and Jessica are just about to open our (expensive) Hotel Chocolat eggs…

Whilst in London we stumbled on what we think is the park from the film “Closer”. I will put the photos from there in the gallery tomorrow.

After a particularly strange dream, I got to thinking about dreams and how you never sleep in them. What I mean is you never dream that you are asleep – I have experienced waking into a dream but everything in the dream takes place in a strange TV style with events happening without any real concept of time. This all seems a bit confusing and I promised Jessica I would keep this bit brief….. is it possible to dream you are asleep? Then you could have nested dreams!

Jessica has just read the write-up of the dream conversation I had with her this morning. She tells me “You are a special person and do not let anyone tell you differently.” I am taking this as an insult. I did not put the full transcript of the conversation (which involved multi-core brains) and still I am subject to this abuse.

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