The recent cake competition at work got a mention in the BBC’s in-house paper Ariel. There was a picture of our cake along with two others from the competition.

“Green room’s favourites include Richard and Matt’s effort, The Pool, an allusion to the new ‘technology pool’, into which staff have been subsumed (or ‘thrown in’ depending on where you stand).”

It was in the green room section and above is a brief quote with some information edited out. I am always a bit cautious when talking about work in my blog hence the sanitised quote.

In other news, the picture library section of Fuzzyfelt has been modified again. Now the thumbnails are sorted in chronological order and there is some information about each image when you look at the larger version. I hope to expand on the available information when I work out how to get the exif data using PHP. Easter photos will be added soon.

+ A quick plug for Jessica’s blog which has expanded recently – thankfully there is no new daftness 🙂

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