Last Friday night I traveled up to Silverstone after work. This was so I could once again be a spectator marshal for the British GP (my 5th time). Dad came along too for his second year and once again he brought a large collection of camping equipment (marshals stay on a campsite). There are a few pictures from the event but I will not be able to put them up for a while due to the house move (see later).

The actual race was a little boring this year and my prediction of Raikkonen to win was incorrect (he came 3rd). Much more exciting was the GP2 race that preceded the Formula One. The crowd really got behind (potential F1 driver) Lewis Hamilton as he came from 10th on the grid to win the race.

A lot of people seemed intent on watching the England game on one of the three screens that would be showing the match. So high was the demand that all the screens on the track showed the football whilst the first GP2 race was being run. Why people would spend money to get into the event and then not watch it I have no idea.

If you were at the event – congratulations if you noticed that some of the Officials had “Offical” written on their tabards. It took us a while to spot this even after an Offical had asked us to “Spot the deliberate mistake”.

On Monday me and Jessica scribbled on the agreement for our new flat. We are due to move our stuff in very soon and we are praying that Ikea have the bits we want in stock whilst we have a van. The flat itself was a little disappointing as it had not been cleaned after the last occupants – we swept up a bit last night and it is almost ready to receive our possessions. The phone will not be connected for a fortnight and then there will be a wait for broadband after that. Hopefully I can put my GP photos up at work.

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