Our house move went reasonably smoothly and we are now trying to unpack those last few boxes so that we can invite people over without making them sign a safety disclaimer. Thankfully all Jessica’s things fitted in the van (pictured) easily and I only had to drive to Isleworth once. Driving the van was not the most pleasant experience (1st gear seemed to do nothing) but we returned the van and got all our deposit back thanks to our bump-free travels.

The phone line should be connected next Monday and then broadband will follow 2-3 weeks later. I will try to put up some new pictures before then but the web-based uploading facilities (that I have to use at work) are painfully slow and involved.

In the meantime, have a look at this neat picture trick.

I just ran a spell-check on this post and it suggested I replace “Jessica’s” with “cheesecake” – fantastic!

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