Last night at badminton I tried out the new rules that may be introduced at my club. To summarise the rules (for doubles):

  • A point is scored on every rally regardless of which side is serving.
  • A pair only has one serve – on winning the serve, the server is decided by examining the pairs score – an odd score means the player on the left serves, an even the right.
  • Players within a pair only switch sides when a point is won on their serve (this is the same as the current rules).
  • The first pair to 21 points wins (except as below)
  • If both sides reach 20 points the winning team is the one that gets two clear points ahead or reaches 30 points first.

There is likely to be a survey of club members to see if they are willing to change to the new system. Feelings were mixed with the majority of players hating the new way of scoring. I thought the new system would be too confusing but I grasped it pretty quickly. Games are shorter now and mistakes are punished more readily- but there are upsides and downsides to both of these. I think the best move would be to go with the new system to keep us in-line with the rest of the world.

On the way home I saw a small mouse/shrew thing (fuzzy picture attached) whilst I was waiting for the bus.

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