Last night me and Jessica went to Hammersmith Apollo to see Evanescence perform. We turned up 10 minutes before the doors were due to open and joined the end of a very long 400m (guessed from map) queue. 40 minutes later and we managed to get inside the venue.

Thankfully we were in plenty of time to see the support act “Revelation Theory” who were entertaining even though we didn’t know any of their songs. When Evanescence came on they were much louder and had an impressive lighting rig to complement the music (dodgy photo on left). They played a nice range of songs of which approximately 60% were taken from “Fallen” and 40% from “The Open Door”. The lead singer kindly performed “My Immortal” in the encore even though she doesn’t like playing it. There were times when the lead singer needed to have a drink and during those brief breaks the band played openings from other songs. I think (though I am probably wrong) they did one from Korn, one from Slayer and finally a bit of Queen.

Both myself and Jessica really enjoyed ourselves and I really like the Apollo as a venue – the sloped standing area works really well.

In confirming the name of the support act I have just found some sad news. Apparently due to a family emergency the show this evening in Manchester has been cancelled. I hope the emergency is not too serious and sympathise with the fans in the North.

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