On Wednesday we went so see Bill Bryson talking at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon. I have heard loads of people tell me how good his books are but have never got round to reading one myself. I expected to enjoy the evening but wasn’t certain what I was letting myself in for.

I am pleased to say it was an enjoyable and often funny talk in which he showed some pictures and read some excerpts from his books. In-between readings he told short stories to give some background on the next passage he was about to read. At the end of the evening he bravely asked if there were any questions from the audience.

Mr Bryson spends a fair amount of time encouraging you to be proud of your country and saying how much he loves Britain. During the questions at the end of the performance someone asked what he thought of the “Americanisation” of Britain. Bryson’s view is that everywhere (in the world) is becoming similar, with Western countries (mostly America) exporting their shopping chains etc. Whilst I agree that this is true and it is a bad thing that towns are losing their identity, I cannot claim to be fighting this. I always visit the shops I am familiar with and am less likely to take a risk with an unknown store/food outlet…. perhaps I should.

On a completely unrelated note I thought I would share the latest google map finds that are doing the rounds.

Bomber (not really)
This giant insect will kill us all!
Nice to know

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