Day 7:

Well I guess the New York food was just a bit much for us small stomached Brits – it was Jessica’s turn to feel a little ill so we decided to have a quiet day. After a breakfast in the hotel Jessica had a go on her new DS game “Rocket Slime” whilst I found the location of the Sony store.

The Sony store was not unlike those found in London but it had a couple of PS3s for people to play on. I had a go on “Motor Storm” and was impressed by the speed at which the console threw around graphics. The game was fun but I understand from reviews that there is not a great deal of variety to be had in the full version. It should be a launch title in the UK though, so perhaps I’ll try it out then.

With Jessica feeling better we had a walk around to see some more of the sights and hunted out a Dunkin’ Donuts. Jessica had been looking forward to visiting Dunkin’ so we grabbed a bag of 6 for her to try. The following day was due to be really cold and the temperature was beginning to drop. So, it was with some relief that we made it back to the hotel room with a pizza and the donuts to watch some TV.

Day 8 (our last in NY):

The morning news had warnings regarding the temperature and frostbite so we were a little concerned as we packed our suitcases. We checked out and left the cases at the hotel whilst we went to a diner (another of Jessica’s must-dos) for breakfast. With the icy cold temperatures we weren’t sure how to spend the last few hours before we went to the airport.

In the end we came up with a system of going 4 blocks and then diving into a warm shop to recover before setting out again. After a bit of shopping we retrieved our cases and took the subway out to JFK. We found it much easier to get the correct trains than we had on our first journey from the airport.

Our plane lifted wheels at 8pm and arrived in the UK at 8am – 7 hours later!

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