Hot Fuzz
Last night me and Jessica went to see a preview showing of “Hot Fuzz” the new film from the guys who made “Shaun of the Dead”. It was a special event hosted by Vue cinemas and we both got a bag with some food, a poster and a copy of SotD (we now own 3 copies). Thankfully we didn’t have to sit through trailers and adverts and the film started straight in.

The film is based on the events that occur when a highly successful London Police officer moves to the sleepy village of Sandford. You can see a trailer for the film here but I recommend you just watch the film as the trailer spoils a few of the jokes. We both really enjoyed the film and I thought it was funnier than their previous movie. It is also gorier than the last one so I don’t recommend it to anyone who is at all squeamish. For people who liked Spaced and SotD – go see it when it comes out on the 16th.

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